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Woke activists try to cancel Colorado church

There is an interesting story on Charisma News about how woke activists are trying to cancel a Christian church in Boulder, Colorado because it believes in traditional marriage.

The radicals believe The Well Church is vulnerable because it is renting its facility from a business, and are putting pressure on the business to cancel the arrangement.

Several individuals including a journalist and even a member of the local school board have begun targeting the business that is providing space for the church, a local food park, the Rayback Collective.

Writing for Charisma News, James Lasher explains that the rage was apparently sparked when the church dared to hold an Easter egg hunt on the front lawn of the Boulder County Courthouse, the week before Easter:

In what can only be called a “hit piece,” one local guest columnist wrote in The Daily Camera, a local Boulder newspaper, that the church was “divisive,” “misogynistic” and “potentially, an LGBTQ-hate group.” […]

The author who was so outraged by the audacity of Christians to display religious activity in public, Doug McKenna, declared with furious anger: “I will not patronize the Rayback,” McKenna wrote. To do so, in his words, would be to support “forced-birtherism, homophobia, patriarchy, Genesis-based ‘complementarianism,’ animus toward faiths not their own, and Bible-inspired ignorance anathema to a more just society.”

The Rayback Collective has since responded stating the church will be allowed to continue using its facilities.

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