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The ‘Smash Sparrow Campaign’ and the left’s continued attack on agriculture

The left’s attack on agriculture in recent years is beyond bizarre considering the world is entering an unprecedented food crisis which is leading to starvation in parts of the world and increasing food prices in the West.

Nevertheless, the Dutch government still plans to close down 3,000+ farms, forcibly if it has to, and Canada is ready to force farmers to stop using fertilizer. Both countries are major world food producers.

But the left has a long history of destroying agriculture, starting with Comrade Mao Zedong and China’s Cultural Revolution which killed tens of millions because of Mao’s stupidity and maliciousness.

In his article, ‘Perfecting the Species,’ David explains Mao’s ‘Smashing Sparrow Campaign’:

The big-brained Communist tampered around with agriculture too and came to the perfectly ignorant but quintessentially Marxist conclusion that household vermin are agents of capitalism. Yes, like capitalists, they exploit the labour of the proletariat and therefore must be totally eradicated. And by far the worst of all these bourgeoisie oppressors was, naturally, that most vile and heinous creature, the sparrow…

As part of the “Smash Sparrow Campaign,” children were enlisted to bang pots and pans around, chasing the sparrows out of their nests. Later, adults knocked the nests out of the trees and crushed the eggs underneath their sandals, until there were almost no sparrows left in all of China… Within a year of the “Smash Sparrow Campaign,” itself part of the larger “Four Pests Campaign,” the locust population exploded and did what locusts do best. The Communists had played God and literally created a Biblical plague. 

READ: Perfecting the Species

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