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Poll: 87% of Americans who prayed state prayers were answered in the past year

A survey released in conjunction with the National Day of Prayer held this year on May 4, 2023, found that the vast majority of people who pray reported an answer to prayer in the past year, The Christian Post reports.

This survey sponsored in part by Radiant Foundation polled 1,700 Americans and discovered that of those Americans who say they pray, 87% reported having at least one answer to prayer over the past 12 months.

The survey also found that 85% of Americans said they regularly connected with what the poll described as a higher power. The most common way of doing this was through prayer, 61%, followed by meditation 39%, and mindfulness, 38%.

The top three issues that people most often prayed for included:

  • Loved ones, particularly if they are having problems (76%);
  • People experiencing health issues (71%); and
  • Friends and family who are going through a crisis (68%).

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