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Proposed Oregon legislation would allow homeless people to sue property owners if they harass the homeless or ask them to leave

Homeless camp in Eugene Oregon
Credit: Visitor7/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

Oregon Democrats have presented a bill in the state legislature, the Right to Rest Act, that would legally allow homeless people to set up camps on public and private property, Fox News reports.

But the legislation doesn’t stop there. If passed the homeless person would have the right to sue the owner of the property for $1,000 if the owner tries to remove their tent or harass the homeless person in any way.

If passed the legislation basically decriminalizes these encampments in a state that is overrun by this type of behavior, which is negatively impacting people’s lives.

Fox News reports:

“I love Portland, and I love where I live,” Portland homeowner Jacob Adams told “Fox & Friends” in February in a plea to elected officials to do something about a homeless encampment next to his house, where fires and drug activity have terrorized his family. 

“I’m asking you to please do something, so the people of the city feel safe.”

Armand Martens, an 83-year-old Vietnam veteran who also lives next to Adams, told a local outlet he felt safer walking down the streets of Saigon than he does in Portland.

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Offering real help to the homeless

There is a homeless crisis due largely to drug and alcohol addiction and mental health issues.

The answer is not placating the homeless by offering them free drugs and paraphernalia and pandering to their illegal behavior, but rather by providing real help.

Coronado, California, across the bay from San Diego, brought an end to the homeless crisis in their city by empowering the police and social services to confront the homeless.

The city has taken a hard line, leaving the homeless with one or two options. The city has told them they have to leave when they set up encampments or the preferred option is for them to receive professional help to deal with their addictions.

The city has set up programs to help these people not only to break free from their addictions but as well to help them to get back on their feet.

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