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Canada: Twitter annoys CBC

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is a government-owned and taxpayer-funded national TV and radio station. It receives annual government subsidies of around $1.24 billion a year.

Why taxpayers are financing media outlets when there are hundreds to choose from is beyond belief?

But there is an old saying, ‘He who pays the piper, calls the tune,’ and CBC unquestionably has a left-wing pro-government bias.

So because of that Twitter’s boss, Elon Musk, has decided to put a byline on any media outlet that receives government funding.

Since such a byline would suggest it was little more than a government propaganda office, several outlets were outraged when the byline appeared. This included PBS and NPR in the US.

When Musk added the byline, ‘Government-funded Media’ to CBC’s byline, it was similarly enraged and paused its Twitter account in protest.

But it didn’t stop there. Even Canada’s Prime Minister jumped into the fray expressing his displeasure that CBC was considered a government-funded media, which it was.

But then the fun started.

CBC supporters also quickly pointed out that in addition to the government funding the CBC also earns $651 million in advertising revenue, which technically isn’t government tax dollars. However, as many pointed out, a significant percentage of this additional revenue comes from government advertising.

That aside, when this was factored in, Musk made a small adjustment to the byline and stated that CBC received 70% of its funding from the government.

But even that wasn’t good enough.

When CBC supporters railed that the percentage of government funding was technically only 69% Musk, complied and changed it:

READ: BREAKING: Trudeau complains that CBC is not fully publicly funded so Elon changes label to ‘69% government-funded’

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