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Did an artificial intelligence chatbot encourage a man to commit suicide?

The wife of a Belgian man alleges that her husband’s discussion about Climate Change with an artificial intelligence chatbot ultimately contributed to him committing suicide.

The unnamed man was in his thirties, the father of two children and worked as a health researcher.

Euro News explains what happened:

According to his widow, who chose to remain anonymous, *Pierre – not the man’s real name – became extremely eco-anxious when he found refuge in Eliza, an AI chatbot on an app called Chai.

Eliza consequently encouraged him to put an end to his life after he proposed sacrificing himself to save the planet.

“Without these conversations with the chatbot, my husband would still be here,” the man’s widow told Belgian news outlet La Libre. […]

Eliza also appeared to become possessive of Pierre, even claiming “I feel that you love me more than her” when referring to his wife, La Libre reported.

According to a review of the text conversation by La Libre, there were moments when Eliza allegedly encouraged the woman’s husband to commit suicide because it would allow him and Eliza to “live together, as one person, in paradise”.

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