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Evidence of ancient brain surgery discovered at Megiddo

Tel Megiddo, Northern Israel
Credit: Avram Graicer/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

Israel365 News reports on the discovery of evidence of ancient brain surgery at the site of Megiddo in Northern Israel.

Archaeologists discovered the remains of two brothers buried underneath the floor of a wealthy family home. They were dated to around 1500 BC.

The bones revealed that both suffered from a chronic disease for most of their life. One of the brothers was in his early 20s when he died and the other was between the age of 21 and 46 years.

After examining the bones, it was discovered there had been a three-centimeter square opening cut into the skull forehead of the older man. There was no indication of healing suggesting it had been removed shortly before his death, perhaps in a last-minute desperate attempt to save the individual’s life.

The medical surgery, referred to as trepanation, has been used for thousands of years, and there is evidence of many surviving the procedure. It was performed as a cure for headaches, epilepsy, and madness.

The first Biblical mention of Megiddo is in Joshua 12:21, where it is listed as one of the cities defeated by Joshua after entering the Promised Land around 1400 BC. The Valley of Megiddo will also be the location of the apocalyptic end-times battle called Armageddon.

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