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Germany: Climate activists protest the moving of a hamlet to expand a coal mine

After being conned for several years by environmental extremists, the German government has finally come to its senses and is turning back to tried and true fossil fuels to head off potential blackouts caused by unreliable green energy.

The most recent involves the tearing down of the small hamlet of Luetzerath in order to expand a coal mine, which has led to massive protests, VOA News reports.

These protests were not taken up by the villagers, who had already sold their homes, but rather by climate change fanatics who occupied the empty houses and refused to leave.

When police initially tried to remove the extremists, they pulled back after being confronted with a burning barricade, rocks, bottles, and fireworks. One person also glued themselves to a road.

If the activists refuse to leave, the police have been authorized to remove them by force, if necessary, effective January 10th.

READ: Climate Activists Protest as German Village to Make Way for Coal Mine

As reported earlier, the German government had already torn down part of a windmill farm in order to expand the coal mine located in Western Germany. READ: Coal mine demolishes neighboring wind farm to boost country’s energy supply, drawing ire of climate activists

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