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Will the opening of the Pool of Siloam to visitors pave the way for the return of the Jewish Messiah?

Pool of Siloam outside the entrance to Hezekiah’s tunnel that brought in water from the spring of Sihon located outside Jerusalem.
Credit: Abraham/Wikipedia/Public Domain

The Israel Antiquities Authority has just announced that the Pool of Siloam in Jerusalem will soon be open to the public, Fox News reports.

The pool was initially built 2,700 years ago, when King Hezekiah diverted the springs outside Jerusalem into the city during an invasion by the Assyrians to prevent the invading army from having access to the water (2 Kings 20:20; 2 Kings 18; 2 Chronicles 32).

It was renovated several times over the following centuries and was approximately 1.25 acres in size. It is 225 feet (ca. 69 m) wide and three sides had steps going down to the water that came from the diverted Gihon springs.

The pool functioned as a mitzvah for the Jews, as part of their cleansing ritual, before entering the Temple.

For Christians, it is best known for its connection to Jesus’ healing of a blind man recorded in John 9:1-9.

In the account, Jesus had encountered a man blind from birth and his disciples asked if he was blind because of his parent’s sin or the man’s. Jesus answered neither, but that the works of God might be glorified. Jesus spit on some dirt and then put the mud on the man’s eyes and then told him to “wash in the pool of Siloam” and he came back seeing.

The pool was discovered in 2004, during work on a sewer line. A small section had been excavated several years back, which people were allowed to visit, however, the full pool will soon be open for tourists.

The pool’s connection to the Jewish Messiah

Israel365, an orthodox Jewish new site in Israel, reports that the opening of the pool may have end-times significance for Jews awaiting the Messiah.

A Kabbalist Jewish Rabbi from the 16th century, Rabbi Chaim Vital, had a dream that the opening of the pool of Siloam would usher in the return of the Jewish Messiah. And later Kabbalist rabbis confirmed that the waters of the pool would be used to anoint the Messiah.

The Kabbalists are a mystical branch of Orthodox Jews and have developed a set of unique spiritual teachings and doctrines that differs from typical Orthodox Judaism. They emphasize developing a spiritual connection with Jehovah.

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While the Jews have rejected Christ as the Messiah, they are still looking for his arrival. Ironically, many of the prophecies that Orthodox Jews use as indicators that the Messiah’s arrival will soon take place, Christians consider as signs that Christ’s second return is imminent.

I recently did a podcast on two Old Testament passages that seem to specifically indicate that Christ is the Messiah.

94 | Two Old Testament prophecies provide compelling evidence that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah

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