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Study: Vitamin D helps prevent dementia

I haven’t done a study showing the benefits of vitamin D recently, and this one seemed like an interesting one, as researchers claim that vitamin D may be effective in preventing dementia.

The researchers found that people with high levels of vitamin D in their brains were 33% less like to suffer from memory loss.

Researchers from the Rush Memory and Ageing Project based in Chicago, Ill, came to this conclusion after examining brain tissue samples of 290 people who were part of a long-term Alzheimer’s study.

None of the people who were part of the study when it started in 1997 had any form of memory impairment. They had a cognitive analysis done regularly over the following years and agreed to have their brains preserved after they died.

By the time they had passed, 113 had been diagnosed with dementia and 68 others were experiencing what was described as a mild memory loss.

Speaking for the research team, Dr Sarah Booth from Rush University stated:

‘We now know that vitamin D is present in reasonable amounts in human brains, and it seems to be correlated with less decline in cognitive function.”

Other studies have shown that approximately 42% of Americans have low levels of vitamin D and this problem is especially common in those over the age of 70.

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