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Britain approves construction of first coal mine in decades

After being conned by the environmental fanatics and the World Economic Forum for the past several decades, Britain has finally come to its senses and realized green energy will NOT supply the electrical needs of the nation.

The British government recently approved the construction of a coal mine in that country. This is the first coal mine approved by the UK government in decades, the Daily Mail reports.

The £165 million ($201 million US) mine, which is expected to create 500 jobs, will supply coal to Britain’s steelmakers, who were importing coal from outside the country to supply their energy needs.

In order to pacify the green fanatics, the government insists that the coal will not be used to produce electricity for the country’s citizens.

Instead, Brits will be forced to cut back their electrical usage or face blackouts this winter.

Nevertheless, it is a realization that common sense is slowly starting to gain some ground. Windmills, solar panels and sunflower oil can’t meet the energy needs of any modern country.

READ: Michael Gove approves Britain’s first new coal mine in decades as controversial Whitehaven site in Cumbria gets go-ahead despite climate concerns

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Germany dismantles windmill farm to expand a coal mine

Meanwhile, Germany is doing a similar thing. It is actually dismantling part of a windmill farm in order to expand one of its coal mines. READ: Coal mine demolishes neighboring wind farm to boost country’s energy supply, drawing ire of climate activists AND Germany Is Dismantling A Wind Farm To Make Way For A Coal Mine

Why do the green fanatics oppose coal power plants?

Considering that technology is available to scrub over 90% of CO2 emissions (which is necessary for life) from coal power plants, one wonders why the green fanatics would be opposed to using this form of energy. READ: Carbon-capture technology scrubs CO2 from power plants like scuba-diving gear AND Simple, Low-cost Carbon Filter Removes 90 Percent Of Carbon Dioxide From Smokestack Gases

Of course, these same fanatics also oppose nuclear, which produces very little CO2. READ: Group [Greenpeace] opposes nuclear energy use in country


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