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Poll: American’s fear of crime reaches five-decade high

According to a recent Gallup Poll, American’s concern about crime has reached a five-decade high, the Daily Mail reports:

Americans’ fears of rising crime levels have hit a five-decade high, with 56 percent now saying there is more crime in their area than a year ago, according to polling released by Gallup on Friday.”

“This past year has seen a five-percentage-point increase in the number of adults saying crime was getting worse in their neighborhood — the highest level seen since Gallup started asking that question in 1972.

“The survey measures perceptions, rather than overall crime levels, which ticked up during the Covid-19 pandemic and after racial protests over the police killing of George Floyd, but appear to be levelling.

READ: Americans’ fears of rising crime have hit a FIVE-DECADE high, with 56% decrying an uptick in their own neighborhoods, and growing alarm over muggings, carjackings, home invasions and school attacks, says poll

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