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Ex-Keystone pipeline employee blames Biden for energy crisis

A former welder who worked on the Keystone Pipeline, says President Joe Biden is to blame for America’s energy crisis in an interview with Fox Business.

The pipeline that was intended to ship oil from Canada to refineries in Texas was shut down by President Biden as part of his move to green energy.

Breitbart provides the details:

“I don’t know how he gets away with keep saying that he doesn’t have anything to do with [high gas prices] when they’ve got everything to do with it,” Neal Crabtree said during an interview this week with Fox Business.

Crabtree previously worked on the Keystone XL project and was among hundreds of others laid off after the president took office.

Biden canceled the federal permit for the pipeline that would have brought vast amounts of oil on a daily basis from Canada down to the state of Texas. The move was meant to prioritize clean energy over fossil fuels.

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Meanwhile, in Germany

Climate protestors who glued their hands to the floor of a Porsche Pavilion are complaining that the dealership won’t supply them with bowls. As many are pointing out on social media, they should have thought ahead and brought them along.

READ: Climate protesters glue their hands to floor of car exhibit, get upset Volkswagen won’t bring them bowls to defecate and urinate into

It seems to be a chronic problem with environmental fanatics who fail to understand the serious consequences of shutting down pipelines and stopping other major energy projects.

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