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How Anne Wilson’s gospel hit, ‘My Jesus’, helped a woman contemplating suicide

Popular Gospel singer Anne Wilson recently told the story of how her hit song, My Jesus, helped a suicidal fan.

Raised in a Christian home, Anne rose to fame after she posted a YouTube video of a song that she sang at her brother’s funeral entitled, “What a Beautiful Name.”

Her brother, 23, died in a car accident in 2017. This song caught the attention of a Nashville music producer and in April 2021, Anne released her first single, My Jesus, that went on to become a gospel hit.

Anne Wilson’s son, My Jesus, already has 22 million views on YouTube.

It reached the number one spot on Billboard’s Hot Christian Songs that year, and is currently in the running for the song of the year in the contemporary pop category at this year’s Dove Awards.

But in an interview with Christian Headlines, Anne shared the remarkable story of how God used ‘My Jesus‘ to save a woman who was contemplating suicide.

Anne told Christian Headlines:

“There is a lady that came up to me at the show the other week, she was struggling with cancer and lost all her hair. … She said she was ready to commit suicide and end her life. But she was in the car, and she heard My Jesus come on the radio, and she decided to give her life to Jesus and let go of those thoughts. And now she’s living free in Jesus – still fighting cancer, but knows that she has a purpose and a reason for being here.

Anne went on to tell Christian Headlines that there is ‘power in music’ especially if it is focused on Christ.

And one of the more interesting Biblical stories backs this idea.

It revolved around David who would not only become the King of Israel but was also a talented musician and songwriter, authoring many of the songs recorded in the Book of Psalms.

In fact, it was his musical ability that initially caught the attention of officials who were part of King Saul’s government.

After God decided to remove Saul as King of Israel because of his disobedience, we are told that at the moment the Holy Spirit departed from Saul, he was immediately tormented by an evil spirit (1 Samuel 16:4).

We are not sure exactly what impact this had on King Saul, but we do know it provoked incidents of rage and violence, so Saul was probably also experiencing bouts of depression, fear, and worry.

After Saul started receiving these attacks, one of his advisors believed that music would break the influence this tormenting spirit had on the king and recommended bringing in a musician:

15 And Saul’s servants said to him, “Behold now, a harmful spirit from God is tormenting you. 16 Let our lord now command your servants “who are before you to seek out a man who is skillful in playing the lyre, and when the harmful spirit from God is upon you, he will play it, and you will be well.” (1 Samuel 16:15-16 ESV)

In ancient Israel, there was an understanding of the potential benefits that can come from listening to music.

And even today there have been several studies on music’s potential health benefits. Researchers at Britain’s Brunel University conducted 72 randomized studies of 7,000 people who had just gone through medical surgery.

Medical News Today (MNT) reports that the researchers found that those who listened to music reported less pain and anxiety after their surgery than those who didn’t.

The music was so beneficial, that the study’s lead researcher, Dr. Catharine Meads, told MNT:

“If music was a drug, it would be marketable. […] Music is a noninvasive, safe, cheap intervention that should be available to everyone undergoing surgery.”

One of King Saul’s advisors then recommended bringing in David, who was already being recognized in Israel for his skill as a musician.

He was added to King Saul’s staff, and this anointed musician had an immediate impact. We are told that when he played his lyre, the evil spirit lifted off Saul.

23 And whenever the harmful spirit from God was upon Saul, David took the lyre and played it with his hand. So Saul was refreshed and was well, and the harmful spirit departed from him. (1 Samuel 16:23 ESV)

Anointed music has the power to release people from emotional turmoil as in the case of the woman contemplating suicide or demonic torment as in the case of King Saul.

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