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Taxing cow burps in New Zealand, the left’s attack on agriculture continues

In a bizarre move, the government of New Zealand’s socialist Prime Minster Jacinda Ardern has announced it is now going to tax cow burps as part of Ardern’s grandiose plan to tackle climate change.

The government is bragging that it would be the first country in the world to implement such a tax.

Farm groups are warning that such a move would mark the end of family and dairy farms and the destruction of rural New Zealand, a major part of New Zealand’s economy.

Global News reports:

The government has pledged to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make the country carbon neutral by 2050. Part of that plan includes a pledge that it will reduce methane emissions from farm animals by 10% by 2030 and by up to 47% by 2050.

Under the government’s proposed plan, farmers would start to pay for emissions in 2025, with the pricing yet to be finalized.

READ: Taxing cow burps? New Zealand’s novel climate change plan has farmers crying foul

With a looming food crisis, we are seeing the left around the world launching a major attacks against agriculture, and some allege it is happening because of pressure from the World Economic Forum. READ: The Reshaping of Global Agriculture: The WEF Agenda Behind India’s Modi Government’s “Farm Reform”

In Canada, its Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, wants to stop farmers in the Western part of the country from using fertilizer on their crops which would substantially reduce food production in one of the world’s major food baskets. READ: Trudeau pushes ahead on fertilizer reduction as provinces and farmers cry foul

Similar attacks on agriculture have been launched in:


IRELAND: READ: Another Western country joins growing list putting ‘climate’ lunacy over food security: ‘Political officials all over the world trying to out-green one another’

SRI LANKA, once the WEF’s poster child of its socialist policies: READ: ‘It will be hard to find a farmer left’: Sri Lanka reels from rash fertiliser ban AND With Country Facing Crisis, World Economic Forum Deletes Post on Making Sri Lanka ‘Rich by 2025’

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