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What’s really happening with hurricanes?

Satellite photo of Hurricane Katrina over the Gulf of Mexico on August 29, 2005. This NOAA image is in the public domain.

The climate change fanatics blame everything on man-made global warming these days, but they are running into problems.

The propagandists have used hurricanes as their whipping boy on man-made climate change, but the facts are telling a different story.

In his article, “What the media won’t tell you about hurricanes”, Roger Pielke Jr explains:

1. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, in its latest report, concluded that there remains “no consensus” on the relative role of human influences on Atlantic hurricane activity.

Here is what the IPCC says exactly:

“[T]here is still no consensus on the relative magnitude of human and natural influences on past changes in Atlantic hurricane activity, and particularly on which factor has dominated the observed increase (Ting et al., 2015) and it remains uncertain whether past changes in Atlantic TC activity are outside the range of natural variability.”

READ: What the media won’t tell you about hurricanes

Once something turns political, the truth becomes expendable.

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