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The failure of lockdowns

A couple of stories suggest that the lockdowns may have done more damage to people, that the COVID pandemic they didn’t stop.

From this study: Are Lockdowns Effective in Managing Pandemics?:

The price tag of lockdowns in terms of public health is high: by using the known connection between health and wealth, we estimate that lockdowns may claim 20 times more life years than they save. It is suggested therefore that a thorough cost-benefit analysis should be performed before imposing any lockdown for either COVID-19 or any future pandemic.

And from a British newspaper, The Telegraph:

August seems a tad early for the NHS winter crisis but, apparently, it’s never too soon to start warning people not to use their health service. To be fair, we only spend £136 billion a year on it and they have got one of the world’s biggest bureaucracies to look after, fleets of luxury cars to subsidise for staff etc, so it would be entirely unreasonable to expect any treatment. You do have to marvel, though, at the brass neck of those who are planning a campaign which will urge the public to avoid A&E [hospital emergency for the rest of the world]. […]

Well, today, it’s the lockdown enthusiasts who stand accused of abetting a massacre. Remember when, every night, the news used to update the total of Covid deaths? I’d like to see the BBC and ITV start reporting the daily toll of lives lost because cancers (and heart disease) were found too late. A terrifyingly large and growing number in the corner of the screen might just wake the public up to what I believe is fast becoming one of the biggest avoidable tragedies of modern times.

READ: Lockdown hysteria led to an NHS cancer catastrophe – and the Government is in denial

And from the Daily Mail on the cancer crisis in Britain due to the lockdowns:

Tens of thousands of Britons will die early due to Covid-induced delays to their cancer treatment, according to a leading expert who fears the crisis will only get worse.

Cancer care was effectively ground to a halt for some patients when the pandemic first reached the UK’s shores, with appointments cancelled and diagnostic scans delayed because of the Government’s devotion to protecting the NHS. […]

For every four weeks that a patient’s treatment is delayed, their chance of surviving falls by 10 per cent, she [Professor Price] claimed.

READ: Lockdown ‘hysteria’ has NHS hurtling towards cancer catastrophe: Expert warns tens of thousands of lives will be lost due to Covid-induced delays that are ‘getting worse every day’

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