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A couple characteristics of the end times

In 2 Timothy 3:1-5, the Apostle Paul talks about the changes that will take place in people as we enter the difficult last days.

He says that, among other things, they will become “ungrateful” or unthankful.

Connecticut police state that they have arrested a man who allegedly pulled a gun on two women when they failed to say thank you after he opened the door for them at a store, the New York Post reports.

The man immediately fled after pulling out the gun but was later picked up by police.

It is uncertain why the two women failed to express what would be considered a small courtesy, but the man certainly overreacted to the situation.

The Apostle Paul also added that people in the end times would be “without love,” “unforgiving”, and “without self-control.”

READ: Connecticut man pulls gun on women who didn’t thank him for holding door, cops say

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