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Americans facing rolling blackouts due to the rush to green energy

Experts are warning that many Americans could potentially face electrical blackouts this summer because energy companies may not be able to meet demands, Fox News reports.

In an interview with Fox News, Daniel Turner, the executive director at Power the Future, said the blame for these rolling blackouts rests squarely on the rush to green energy, which has weakened the electrical grid.

Fox News explains:

The potential outages come as many states have moved to quickly take plants that produce traditional sources of energy such as coal and natural gas offline and switch production over to renewable energy sources, which currently do not have the capacity to keep up with the demand of a hot summer.

Part of the issue with renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar is that it is dependent on variables outside human control, with some areas not having enough wind or sunshine to continuously produce power. Batteries are in development that could help store excess energy production for later use, but the technology is currently expensive and not fully developed.

READ: Rush toward green energy has left US ‘incredibly’ vulnerable to summer blackouts, expert warns

It’s all part of the new world order

And speaking of electrical cars

Here is the line-up for people wanting to charge their Teslas in California. Looks like a perfect place to build a hotel.

Solar farm sold for scrap metal

Meanwhile, after spending millions of tax dollars on a shift to green energy, one city dismantled and sold its solar farm for scrap because it was a colossal waste of money.

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