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Communist China agents target American & Canadian rare earth mining companies

Communist China National Congress
Credit: Public Domain/Wikipedia/Voice of America

According to a Pentagon report, agents with the Chinese Communist Party posed as American citizens in order to stop a rare earth mine in Texas, The Daily Wire reports:

The Daily Wire provides more information:

The Beijing-directed operation allegedly targeted Lynas Rare Earth and other mining firms in a bid to derail the supply chain in the United States. Chinese agents used thousands of phony social media accounts to whip up opposition to the project, the cybersecurity firm Mandiant, which the Department of Defense praised for bringing the operation to light, wrote.

“The campaign used inauthentic social media and forum accounts, including those posing as residents in Texas to feign concern over environmental and health issues surrounding the plant,” wrote Mandiant.

Mandiant, which uncovered the failed scheme, dubbed the Chinese operation “Dragonbridge.” Australia-based Lynas, the largest rare earth mining company in the world, has a $30 million defense contract to build a facility in Texas, according to Reuters. The Chinese agents allegedly used the fake Twitter and Facebook accounts to spread unfounded fears of environmental damage and radiation they claimed could cause cancer, gene mutation, and newborn deformities.

According to Mandiant, agents of the Chinese Communist Party were also interfering with the development of a rare earth project in Saskatchewan, Canada, and Australia.

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What is rare earth?

Rare earth is made up of 17 metallic elements vital for the manufacture of electronics and technology such as cell phones, cameras, computers, electronic displays, and flat-screen TVs, and as well as batteries and defense technologies for fighter jets and submarines.

Communist China currently has a stranglehold on rare earth, and obviously, the CCP is determined to keep it that way.

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When CCP agents are not trying to stop rare earth mines

Of course, when the CCP agents are not interfering with the development of rare earth mines around the world, China-based businesses are mining the personal data of Americans and buying up lithium companies, needed for the manufacture of batteries. READ: FCC commissioner urges TikTok be removed from Apple, Google stores over ‘unacceptable national security risk’ AND China Dominates the Global Lithium Battery Market AND: U.S. lawmakers blast Canada over sale of lithium mining company to Chinese firm

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