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35-year-old British man suing after trans surgery

A 35-year-old man in Britain, Ritchie Herron, is suing the country’s National Health Service after going through transgender-altering surgery that saw the removal of his sex organs.

Ritchie Herron, who now faces a life of difficulty because of the procedure, is suing NHS for allegedly fast-tracking the surgery and not providing a proper explanation of the life he now faces.

Prior to receiving the surgery that would irreversibly change his life for the next several decades, Herron alleged he received only two 30-minute interviews with a psychiatrist who diagnosed him as transsexual and prescribed hormone treatment.

Charisma News provides more details:

As the anesthesia from his 2018 surgery wore off, the now-35-year-old Ritchie Herron recalled immediately thinking, “Oh, God, what have I done?” He opened up about the procedure — which removed his penis and testicles — in a vulnerable interview with the Daily Mail.

Herron, who is homosexual, said he has battled depression much of his life and, as a young person, dealt with feelings of gender dysphoria and ultimately decided, with significant prompting, that physically altering his body was the only answer to his problems. That surgery, which rendered him sterile and incontinent, was the “biggest mistake” of his life, he told the news outlet.

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Others who transitioned are returning to their biological sex

The New York Post wrote of several others who are returning to their biological sex, after changing genders, including:

Helena Kerschner, a 23-year-old detransitioner from Cincinnati, Ohio, who was born a biological female, first felt gender dysphoric at age 14. She says Tumblr sites filled with transgender activist content spurred her transition.

“I was going through a period where I was just really isolated at school, so I turned to the Internet,” she recalled. In her real life, Kerschner had a falling out with friends at school; online however, she found a community that welcomed her. “My dysphoria was definitely triggered by this online community. I never thought about my gender or had a problem with being a girl before going on Tumblr.”

She said she felt political pressure to transition, too.“The community was very social justice-y. There was a lot of negativity around being a cis, heterosexual, white girl, and I took those messages really, really personally.”

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