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An odd COVID coincidence between two alleged mass murderers?

There is an odd coincidence between two of this year’s alleged mass murderers, and it relates to their unhinged fear of COVID.

The first involves Payton Gendron, who allegedly killed ten people in what appears to have been a racially motivated shooting in Buffalo.

It appears during the COVID pandemic, Gendron was so terrified of catching COVID, that he actually wore a hazmat suit, complete with a respirator, to school.

PJ Media reports:

If you’re still not convinced this wackjob is a lefty, his family is now stating that the gunman lived in a seemingly constant state of COVID-19 panic. A cousin of his mother told reporters the shooter “bought into the fear of COVID.” She claims he wore a respirator mask to family functions and an entire hazmat suit to school.

And during COVID, another mass murderer, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who has turned in troops on Ukrainian civilians, was so terrified of catching COVID, that he also wore a hazmat suit during the pandemic:

Russian President Vladimir Putin dressed in a yellow hazmat outfit while visiting a Russian hospital in 2020. Credit: Commons 4.0

Maybe their irrational fear is just a coincidence.

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