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Study: Sweden’s defiance of COVID experts proven right

According to a recent study by the World Health Organization (WHO), Sweden’s defiance of the advice of the COVID experts about imposing lockdowns and implementing mask usage has been proven right.

Christian couple face flogging after a Sharia court nullifies marriage and charges them with adultery

A bizarre situation took place in Sudan when an Islamic court ordered a married couple with two small children to receive 100 lashes for committing adultery. The problem started when the Sharia court nullified the couple’s marriage because the Muslim husband had become a Christian. Since the court no longer considered the couple married, they were then charged with adultery, which has a penalty of 100 lashes under Sharia law. Christian Post reports that the couple, Hamouda Tia Kafi, 34, and his wife, Nada Hamad Shukralah, 25, were both Muslims when they married in 2016. The problem started after Hamouda converted to Christianity in 2021, followed by his wife. They both now attend a Baptist church. This resulted in his wife’s brother bringing charges against the couple because of their illegal conversion. Sudan, which is located in North-East Africa, has a population of 48 million people. Sharia law governed the country’s justice system between 2005 and 2019. That was abandoned after the country transitioned to a democracy after the ouster of President Omar al-Bashir. Under …


By Rick Renner

In the early years of our ministry in the former Soviet Union, a group of local psychiatrists determined among themselves that I was using a high level of hypnosis to control the people who attended our church. They stated that my level of hypnosis was so developed that I could even manipulate and control people who read my monthly teaching letters that we sent to television viewers.

A depressed Muslim woman becomes a believer after audibly hearing the word ‘Jesus’

CBN recently reported on the remarkable conversion of a Muslim woman, Aisha, who was born in Amman, Jordan to a very strict Muslim family. After her family moved to the US, Alisha became pregnant when she was 17 years old. Fearing that her father would kill her, Alisha secretly had an abortion. But in the years that followed, Aisha experienced condemnation because of her illegitimate child and abortion. She had been taught that Allah hated her and though she repeatedly begged Allah for mercy, she didn’t believe it would ever come. As she struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts, Aisha stated that her remarkable conversion started when she audibly heard the name Jesus as she was pleading to Allah for mercy. Hearing Christ’s name, who is considered a healing prophet in the Islamic faith, Aisha decided to pray to Jesus and immediately felt a great peace come over her. It is also important to note, that though Muslims do not believe Jesus died on the cross, the Koran says that Christ was taken to heaven …

US Christian schools are being overrun with applications

CBN reports that with all the controversies engulfing public schools in the US, Christian schools are seeing a marked increase in applications. Since Cornerstone Chapel’s Senior Pastor Gary Hamrick announced the church would be setting up a private Christian school in the fall of 2023, it has received over 2,500 applications for its 500 elementary and middle school positions. The church, based in Leesburg, Virginia, is located in Loudon County which has become the battleground over parental rights in public schools. However, the problems don’t seem to be isolated to Loudon County, as the school has also received applications from 27 other states. As well, over 450 teachers have already applied for jobs. CBN writes: The multimillion-dollar project is Hamrick’s response to what’s playing out in public school systems across the country.  Loudoun is considered the face of the nation’s culture war, for more than a year, parents have railed against everything from sexual assault on campus to critical race theory and transgender policies.  Teacher Tanner Cross’s dismissal for refusing to call students by preferred pronouns …

The best evidence of the Loch Ness monster?

If legit, some are describing it as the best video/photographic evidence of the existence of the Loch Ness monster. The video was obtained by a couple in their 50s who were visiting the area. The professional couple who wanted to remain anonymous stated they have never taken Loch Ness seriously. They were holidaying in a cabin by the Loch, when the wife woke up at 6 AM and started recording the very still lake and the creature appeared. They videoed the event for 2 minutes and 37 seconds and noted that it had at least one fin that they described as similar to an oar. It also had humps that kept breaking the surface. The Daily Mail explains: A two-and-a-half minute video taken from the banks of Loch Ness appears to show a large creature moving through the water. Experts described it as the most compelling footage to emerge in the past 20 years of hunting for the Loch Ness Monster. The clip shows what look to be humps breaking the surface of the water and …