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Even the Chinese Communist Party admits lockdowns didn’t work

When a totalitarian regime like Communist China, which enjoys oppressing its people, admits that the lockdowns did not work, the rest of the democratic world should take note.

During the early days of COVID, the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) lockdown was so severe it was even welding shut doors of apartment blocks, so people couldn’t leave. READ: Coronavirus: Welding Doors Shut

But apparently, the CCP has finally come to its senses.

Breitbart explains:

China’s state-run Global Times newspaper admitted in a report on Monday that strict lockdown measures imposed since the Chinese coronavirus outbreak began in Wuhan in 2020 have failed, driving cities “on a quest for an improved anti-epidemic approach.”

China has experienced nearly ceaseless struggles with combatting the Chinese coronavirus since the pandemic began in the country in late 2019. Most recently, Chinese authorities locked down Xi’an, a city of 13 million people, in December, and admitted to uncontrolled outbreaks in 28 provinces this month. […]

The departure from the “zero-COVID” method of mass house arrest that China has clung to since the pandemic began is particularly stark in light of Xi, who for months failed to address the pandemic at home in any public way, demanding Communist Party officials follow “strict implementation” of quarantines this month.

READ: China Seeks ‘Improved Anti-Epidemic Approach,’ Admitting Lockdowns Don’t Work

Of course, this is in addition to several studies that are showing that lockdowns failed if their intent was to stop COVID and prevent deaths. READ: Lockdowns only reduced COVID deaths by 0.2 percent, Johns Hopkins study finds

Lockdowns weren’t a total failure

However, if the political goals of lockdowns were to destroy the economy, increase mental health issues, and destroy the social fabric of society, they worked very well. READ: COVID’s mental-health toll: how scientists are tracking a surge in depression AND Alarming rise in alcohol abuse during COVID pandemic, study finds AND Study: Lockdowns Had Largest Impact in Destroying Economic Activity AND Lockdowns are breaking our kids — and the damage may be permanent

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