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Does Home Depot Canada despise its white customers because of their privilege?

Home Depot store in Markham, Ontario, Canada
Credit: Raysonho/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 1.0

A small flyer, with a Home Depot logo printed on it, allegedly posted in the lunchroom at a Home Depot store in Calgary, Alberta, Canada had some interesting things to say about white people, Christians, and those who are cisgender.

The NY Post provides the details:

A Canadian branch of Home Depot sparked outrage after it posted a notice to employees about the benefits of “white privilege” and included a checklist for those who are “white, male, Christian, cisgender, able-bodied, and heterosexual.”

The notice, which is titled “Leading Practices — Unpacking privilege,” was posted in an employee lounge at a Home Depot in Calgary, Alberta.

A spokeswoman from Home Depot’s US headquarters confirmed to The Post that the white privilege notice was material from its Canadian division. She said it hadn’t been approved by the company’s diversity and inclusion department. The flyer had a Home Depot logo at the top.[…]

People were asked to check a box determining what “privileges” they had. The choices were: white, male, class, Christian, cisgender, able-bodied and heterosexual.

And the flyer apparently even warns against those wanting to celebrate Christmas:

Hoping to celebrate Christmas? The flyer says: “If you can expect time off from work to celebrate your religious holidays, you have Christian privilege.”

READ: Home Depot hammered for shaming employees for their ‘white privilege’

Of course, it begs the question, does Home Depot still want to profit off your privilege if you fall into any of those categories?

In the meantime, where is Canada’s mainstream media?

As far as I can tell, none of Canada’s mainstream media has picked up the story, so far. But it is being covered extensively in the US.

Here is what Fox News had to say:

The Home Depot became the subject of controversy online this week over an employee training pamphlet found at a Canadian location that was leaked on social media, sparking accusations that the company has gone “woke.”

The flyer that was reportedly posted in a break room at a Calgary, Alberta, Home Depot showed the home improvement giant’s logo and was titled, “Leading Practices: Unpacking Privilege.” It asks employees to literally “check” their “privilege,” whether it be “white privilege,” class privilege,” “Christian privilege,” “cisgender privilege,” “able-bodied privilege,” or “heterosexual privilege.”

The two-pager goes on to encourage workers to discuss white privilege and race with their colleagues, and offers tips on how to do so.

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Home Depot releases statement on flyer

The Daily Wire reports on a statement released by Home Depot on the flyer posted in the lunchroom of its store in Calgary, AB, Canada:

Home Depot released a statement Wednesday addressing controversy about a hyper-progressive worksheet on “white privilege” and “racism” that recently went viral online.

The company acknowledged that the worksheet is a “resource” in its Canadian division but noted that it’s “not part of any required programming,” nor was it “created or approved by our corporate diversity, equity and inclusion department.”

READ: Home Depot Responds After Worksheet On ‘White Privilege’ And ‘Racism’ Goes Viral

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  1. I was gonna get good with my white privilege until my toxic masculinity stopped me from virtue signalling my intentions.


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