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Iceland ends COVID mandates, states natural immunity needed

Iceland has joined several other countries and announced an end to the COVID mandates.

The government lifted all restrictions, including curfews and rules limiting public gatherings to under 200 people, effective Friday, Feb. 25, 2022.

But just as important as ending the mandates is the reason the government chose to do this.

While acknowledging the benefits of the vaccines, the Icelandic health ministry stated that the only way this pandemic will be stopped is through natural immunity. In other words, lockdowns and mandates won’t end it, people need to catch the virus.

In announcing the decision, the government stated:

“Widespread societal resistance to COVID-19 is the main route out of the epidemic.”

“To achieve this, as many people as possible need to be infected with the virus as the vaccines are not enough, even though they provide good protection against serious illness.”

READ: Iceland drops remaining COVID restrictions, says natural immunity necessary to end pandemic

A recent Israeli study revealed that COVID antibodies achieved through a natural infection are superior to those gained through a vaccine. READ: Israeli study: Antibodies perform best after COVID infection, not vaccine

Even the hard-core countries are starting to buckle under the calls for freedom.

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