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A father receives a night vision about his daughter, and prays

CBN had an interesting testimony of how God impacted the life of a pastor’s daughter through a night vision received by her dad.

By the time, she was 15, Kelly was pregnant and then secretly had an abortion, so her parents wouldn’t find out. This resulted in her life being consumed by anger, shame, and guilt.

When she became addicted to drugs and alcohol, Kelly abandoned her plans to attend college.

But at the age of 27 something happened that changed her life. She had gotten into a brutal fight with her boyfriend, who at one point had picked up a 2 by 4 and was threatening to hit her.

Two days later she phoned her dad asking him to pick her up.

CBN explains what happened next:

Kelly recalls, “I quickly get in the car and I’m like, ‘Dad, I’m fine. I was in a car accident.’ And he looks at me and he says, ‘Kelly, two nights ago I was asleep, and I was woken up in the middle night by the Lord. And I had a vision of you laying dead on the floor with your head split wide open. And so I began to pray.’ And I realized at that moment, that moment when my boyfriend dropped the board, it was because of my father’s prayers.”

The Holy Spirit had spoken to her dad through a night vision, leading him to pray for his daughter, protecting her life.

This night vision also revealed that God loved Kelly and was watching over her, which led the prodigal daughter to turn her life back to God.

As we enter the end days, the Holy Spirit will increasingly begin speaking to us through dreams and visions (Joel 2:28-29).

And throughout the Bible, there were several instances when God spoke to people through night visions:

  • In Genesis 46:1-4, God gave Israel a night vision telling him not to fear going to Egypt after Joseph had invited his family to join him in Egypt to escape a drought.
  • Daniel received night visions of things that would be taking place in Babylon and later under Persia as God paved the way for Israel’s return to the Promised Land (Daniel 2:19; Daniel 7:7, 13-14).
  • God also spoke to the Apostle Paul through night visions. In Acts 16:9, Paul had a night vision of a man pleading for their apostolic team to come to Macedonia. In another night vision, God spoke to Paul not to be fearful, and encouraged him to keep preaching as God was going to protect him (Acts 18:9-10).

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