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Massive U-turn as Austria ends most COVID mandates effective March 5

Austria Parliament building, Vienna

In what can only be described as a shocking U-turn, the Austrian government announced it is relaxing most of its COVID mandates, which included transforming the nation’s unvaccinated into second-class citizens.

Breitbart reports that the government had previously passed a law, effective Feb 5, 2022, that would result in unvaccinated Austrians being subject to fines every three months if they continue with their unvaccinated status. Repeated fines could total over $4,000 a year.

In addition, the unvaccinated were also not allowed to enter restaurants or bars.

But that is all about to change.

Effective Feb. 19, 2022, the unvaccinated will be allowed to enter restaurants and bars and with the ending of vaccine passports on March 5, 2022, the unvaccinated will have many of their rights returned to them.

The government is still requiring the use of high-quality masks on public transport and in grocery stores, and vaccine certification will still be needed to enter certain facilities, such as nursing homes.

Breitbart explains:

In what amounts to a seismic u-turn in policy, Austria is to relax all ‘Corona Apartheid’ rules targetting the nation’s unvaccinated, despite having previously promised to keep unjabbed individuals under perpetual lockdown.

Austria’s coalition government has announced that the vast majority of lockdown measures in place in the country — including the almost all “Corona Apartheid” restrictions specifically targeting the nation’s unvaccinated — are to be scrapped from March 5.

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