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Crime rate down since protestors arrived in Ottawa calling for an end to COVID mandates

Freedom Convoy 2022 protest in front of Canada’s Parliament in Ottawa, On.
Credit: News 360 Tv/YouTube/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 3.0

While the mainstream media and the political elite label the freedom truck convoy in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, calling for an end of the COVID mandates, as violent, the Toronto Sun reports that crime has actually gone down since the protestors arrived.

The Toronto Sun reports:

There were only three reports of street crime in that district since the protest began: For mischief, robbery and auto theft.

In the week before the protest, the same district saw 31 police calls for robbery, assault, drug trafficking, public drunkenness, stolen vehicles, store break-ins and other crimes.

“There have been no riots, injuries or deaths,” Police Chief Peter Sloly said Wednesday at the municipal Police Services Board.

However, there have been some fines for noise infractions.

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Meanwhile, COVID hospitalizations in Ottawa are continuing to decline: READ: Ottawa COVID-19 hospitalizations reach lowest level this year

Meanwhile, in the US: READ: Rising crime in US cities a key issue in election year

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