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Denmark ends COVID mandates effective Feb 1, 2022

Another country has just announced it is ending the COVID mandates. Denmark’s Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen stated this week that mandates will be ending effective Feb 1, 2022, despite the country still being hard hit by Omicron.

“It may seem strange, that we want to remove restrictions given the high infection rates,” Frederiksen said in an interview with AP. “But fewer people become seriously ill.”

WND reports that Denmark is seeing an average of 46,000 new Omicron cases each day, but only 46 people are in ICU.

In other words, Frederiksen understands that if the government continued the lockdown for Omicron, it would also need lockdowns for the flu season.

Several countries had previously announced an end to the mandates, including Britain, Israel, and the Czech Republic. Ireland will also be ending most restrictions.

Several other countries have announced plans to loosen restrictions, including France, Holland, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Unfortunately, a handful of countries, including Canada, Austria, and New Zealand, are stubbornly continuing the lockdowns despite what is happening around the world.

Ironically, the same day (Feb 1, 2022) that Denmark ends its mandate, Austria will make it illegal to be unvaccinated.

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Meanwhile, in America, the New York Times policy of terrorizing people with its headlines continues: Yes, Omicron is loosening its hold but the pandemic has not ended

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