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Facebook cancels another conservative group, a children’s book publisher

UPDATE: After the news of Facebook’s censorship was exposed, the Big Tech company reversed its decision.

In an article for the New York Post, Bethany Mandel, who’s helping start a small business called Heroes of Liberty, reported that Facebook had canceled its ad account just before Christmas.

The goal of Heroes of Liberty was to provide children’s books that promoted freedom and liberty.

Mandel explains:

The books I want to buy for my children, books like the ones I was raised on, are no longer on the market. Children are now bombarded with mind-numbing, repetitive, didactic woke indoctrination. These books don’t even tell stories anymore. They teach children to hate their country and themselves.

We decided to build a community on Facebook to share our message and market our books to like-minded parents. Parents who might be interested in wholesome stories about Ronald Reagan, Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett and Thomas Sowell.

But then Facebook decided to snuff out our little enterprise. Apparently, an illustrated biography celebrating the achievements of President Reagan is no longer permissible according to our Big Tech cultural overlords. They have informed us that our content is “disruptive” and locked our ad account, our data banks, our digital assets. 

Apparently, the book about Ronald Reagan became disruptive when a handful of woke, left-wing activists began commenting and criticizing the book, calling it hurtful.

Mandell noted the comment of one activist:

I am conflicted. My respect for the 1st Amendment says they should be allowed to publish this twaddle — but my sense of decency is telling me to buy these books just to burn them. Maybe burn the Barrett book twice due to cellular level evil.”

Mandell also expects they organized and complained en masse to Facebook about the book.

Now, there is nothing wrong with criticism, but Facebook’s decision to cancel the account speaks of its tyrannical desire to ‘snuff out’ any views it doesn’t agree with.

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