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The Energy crisis being created by the global warming cult and the political elite who listen to them

Western Canada has been going through a miserable cold streak, with temperatures reaching -32 degrees Celsius and colder in areas. Of course, like the rest of the world, our politicians have been conned by the global warming cult that green energy will save the world.

Of course, green energy hates cold. Windmills freeze up and solar panels don’t work with a layer of frost on them.

TransAlta, which provides power and energy to the Canadian province of Alberta, recently reported on how reliable green energy is when you really need it.

Brian Zinchuk explains:

The AESO website revealed some literally cold, hard facts that weren’t in the TransAlta press release. As of noon, the TransAlta Keephills Unit 1 [a coal plant], which was scheduled to retire that very day, was still putting out 302 megawatts, of its 395 megawatt rated capacity. At the same time, Alberta’s entire fleet of 13 grid-connected solar facilities, rated at 736 megawatts, was contributing 58 megawatts to the grid. The 26 wind farms, with a combined rated capacity of 2,269 megawatts, was feeding the grid 18 megawatts.

READ: Brian Zinchuk: Alberta wind and solar produced 76 megawatts out of a theoretical 3,005 megawatts at noon on New Year’s Eve, with cold warnings all over the province

And in Britain

Columnist Peter Hitchens recently wrote a story about how Europe is mothballing coal and nuclear plants to please the global warming cult.

He writes from his personal experience of living in the old Soviet Union:

For years here I have warned against the Green dogma which has largely replaced Communism in the minds of the global Left. Like Communism, it has a noble goal, the saving of the planet.[…]

Every few months for some years I have marked the wanton destruction of efficient, useful, modern coal-fired power stations – not cautiously mothballed in case they are needed again, but swiftly blown up with high explosives, relying on a certainty about the future which no sane person should claim to possess.[…]

By next autumn, we will all be paying hard cash to sustain the dogmatic lunacy of a power elite wholly gripped with Green zealotry. Good luck organising an economic recovery while this is going on. The country will begin to get colder and darker. Because, like the Red fanaticism it replaced and which it so strongly resembles, Green zealotry never blames itself for the disasters it causes.

READ: PETER HITCHENS: Just like the Reds, the Greens think they’re too good and noble to possibly be wrong but this country will begin to get colder and darker – just like the Soviet Union

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