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Britain: Frustrated motorists fight back against Eco blockades

Scottish highlander playnig a bagpipe
By Gustaw Pillati/Wikipedia/Public Domain

A handful of Eco fanatics in Britain have been blocking roads across the country for the past several weeks in an effort to force the country to bend the knee to the global warming fanatics. They have even blocked ambulances and others from trying to take people to hospitals.

According to the Daily Mail, the conflict has just turned deadly, as outraged motorists are now bringing weapons to drive the eco fanatics from their blockades.

When Insular Britain was blocking traffic on Britain’s A40, one of London’s major thorough fares, a frustrated man resorted to playing bagpipes to force the protestors back.

It was so life-threatening that police finally forced the man to stop playing.

The Daily Mail reports:

The man, who had a Scottish accent, said: ‘They are holding up ambulances, fire trucks. Disgraceful. You’re damaging your cause. What I was doing, obnoxiously, bagpiping in your face, is what you’re doing to all this traffic – you’re obnoxiously holding up people’s lives. You’re damaging your cause guys, you’re actually damaging your cause.’

It is odd how these protestors find time in their work schedules to blockade traffic, as they typically start their blockades around 8am when everyone else is trying to get to work.

READ: Drivers vent fury at eco mob: Motorist furiously plays BAGPIPES in Insulate Britain activists’ faces, another threatens to run them over with his lorry and one protestor is covered in INK as A40 and Dartford M25 roundabout are blocked for two hours

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