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Russian government hackers targeting US Networks, Microsoft reports

Microsoft is reporting that hackers associated with the Russian government are targeting hundreds of networks across the US, including 140 that provide IT services to other companies and government agencies.

According to Fox News, it appears that the hackers associated with Nobelium, that works with the Russian government, are trying to gain ‘long-term’ backdoor access to these IT providers.

This would then give them permanent access to any of the businesses or government agencies being serviced by the provider.

Once it has permanent access, Nobelium would not only be able to spy on these American businesses and government agencies of interest to the Russian government, but would allow Nobelium to launch attacks, similar to what it did to SolarWinds in 2020.

Microsoft first noticed that Nobelium launching cyberattacks in May of this year and has warned 609 networks that their sites were targeted. It believes that about 14 sites were breached.

Microsoft added that there has been a dramatic increase in cyberattacks this year. Over the past three years, Microsoft reported 22,000 attacks on networks in the US. This year, Nobelium launched nearly 23,000 attacks against US networks between July 1, and Oct 19.

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