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Survey: Most believe life was better before Facebook

According to a recent online poll, conducted by SocialSphere’s John Della Volpe, nearly two-thirds of those said their life was better before social media became such a dominating force in our culture.

According to the Christian Post, the poll revealed:

  • 64% believed their life was better before the advent of social media platforms;
  • 59% said their life was better before Facebook;
  • 49% said their life was better before Instagram;
  • Overall, 28% said they were addicted to social media; and
  • Specifically, 42% of Generation Z (ages 16 to 27) said they were addicted to social media.

The poll also found that most believe that social media has had a negative impact on their life.

READ: Most say ‘life was better’ before Facebook; over 40% of Gen Z now addicted to social media: poll

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