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Are ducklings smarter than your average shipping line?

Credit: Janice-Gill/

According to researchers from the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland, it is common to see ducklings trailing behind their mom in a single line, because it not only reduces drag, but actually helps propel the ducklings forward.

The Daily Mail reports that it involves a process called ‘wave riding’ and ‘wave passing.’ By following along in this manner, the drag waves produced by the mother actually pull the ducklings forward.

The ducklings also pass the same processes on to their siblings following behind them.

The researchers added that following this same principle, the creation of water-trains could potentially ‘revolutionize shipping’, by significantly reducing fuel costs.

READ: Riding the waves! Ducklings swim in a line behind their mother to reduce drag and propel themselves forwards, study finds – in breakthrough that could revolutionise shipping

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