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Internet speeds so fast it actually started a fire?

Have you ever complained about how slow your internet is? Well, then you need to read this story.

The small village of Rathmell, England has some of the fastest internet speeds in the world and when I say it is blazing fast, you need to take that quite literally.

A few years back, Keith Mothersdale, a semi-retired telecom specialist, was tiring of the low internet speeds in his pretty little Yorkshire village and decided to make some changes.

The Daily Mail reports that first he set up a “ultra-fast broadband connection – 19 times quicker than the national average – for Rathmell’s 305 residents.”

Then he reworked the internet connection for his home that resulted in it being 192 faster than the average speed for the country. It is so fast that it takes him 5.6 seconds to download a movie compared to 31 to 93 minutes for the rest of Britain.

And he was forced to move his office out to a shed in his back yard, because when he did his first trial run, his computer got so hot, it started smoking and even left a scorch mark on his desk.

READ: Looking for Britain’s fastest broadband? Head for a shed in the Yorkshire Dales – where the speed is 194 times quicker than average and so powerful it even set fire to its creator’s desk

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