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Do you need some COVID good news?

Speaking at Royal Society of Medicine seminar, Professor Dame Sarah Gilbert, who helped develop the Oxford COVID-19 vaccine, says that she expects within a few months, COVID should be no worse than a common cold.

The Daily Mail provides some of her comments:

Dame Sarah said the virus which causes Covid-19 will eventually become like the coronaviruses which circulate widely and cause the common cold. 

Her comments come as Professor Chris Whitty warned that almost all unvaccinated children will become infected with Covid at some point in the future and around half of youngsters have already caught the virus.

Speaking at a Royal Society of Medicine seminar, Dame Sarah said: ‘We already live with four different human coronaviruses that we don’t really ever think about very much and eventually Sars-CoV-2 will become one of those.

READ: ‘Covid is going to just become a cold’: Vaccine pioneer says virus will get weaker all the time as Whitty says every child is going to get it, unless they are jabbed

And she is not the only one saying this. READ: Covid? What Covid? Moderna boss expects pandemic to be done next year as top Oxford expert says we’re already ‘over the worst’… and even Professor Neil Ferguson says Britain is unlikely to need another ‘full-blown lockdown’

So why is there still a COVID pandemic panic?

As this article explains, medical officials keep pushing the COVID pandemic panic button because they are refusing to recognize that COVID is weakening. READ: Number of Britons falling ill with Covid every day falls by 5% in a week, symptom-tracking app shows as top expert says outbreak would shrink if officials accepted virus’s effects have already become more cold-like

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