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If President Biden is not in charge, then who is?

President Joe Biden making his Oath of Office on Jan 20, 2021
Credit: United States Congress/Wikipedia/Public Domain

Fox News reports that in recent interviews with the press, US President Joe Biden made several statements suggesting that others behind the scenes were actually running the show.

Fox News cited some of President Biden’s statements:

“I’m not supposed to take any questions” (When he was at the National Response Coordination Center set up for Hurricane Ida.)

“Instructed” (Biden says he was instructed too only take questions from a pre-selected group of reporters during an interview on the deaths of 11 marines during the Kabul suicide attack).

“As usual… they gave me a list” (In the lead up to an interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Biden said he had a list of reporters that he could only take questions from.)

“I’m going to get in trouble” (Told reporters at G-7 summit that he would get into trouble if he didn’t do what he was told.)

“I’m really gonna be in trouble” (If he didn’t stop answering reporters’ random questions at a news conference on face mask usage.)

“I’d be happy to take questions if that’s what I’m supposed to do” (A question he directed to Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi at a news conference on vaccines and COVID relief.)

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