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Britain: COVID only sixth leading cause of Death

According to data supplied daily by the British government, the number of people dying from COVID in that country has dropped to sixth place behind Dementia/Alzheimer’s, cancer, heart disease, stroke and flu/colds.

Daily Mail chart on leading cause of deaths in Britain

But you would never know that based on the mainstream media and those clamouring for a return to the lockdowns, because they are obsessing about the total numbers of COVID cases that does seem to be rising.

But by focussing on these totals, they are failing to acknowledge that the number of people dying from the virus is dropping.

Some have even suggested that the daily counts of those who have contracted the virus are actually ‘meaningless’.

Others are increasingly concerned about the psychological damage being caused by the media’s constant harping on COVID case counts, because it creates an inordinate amount of exaggerated fear.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Robert Dingwall, a sociological professor at Nottingham Trent University, said:

‘People see spikes in the data, and this is often the cause of great anxiety, which might lead them to limit their daily activities unnecessarily.

It stops people being able to acclimatise to a post-vaccine world, which is exactly what the jabs were intended to do. And if you look more widely you’ll find the majority of infections are in the younger, festival-going age groups, and didn’t reach the vulnerable or elderly.’

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Over 80% of Brits have been vaccinated against the virus, and though the vaccinated are still susceptible to catching the virus variants, the symptoms tend to be much less severe.

As many are suggesting, COVID is not going away, and it is time we start learning to live with it.

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