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Reports of ‘Doomsday Glacier’s’ collapse ‘greatly exaggerated’?

Thwaites Ice Shelf CREDIT: NASA/Wikipedia/Public Domain

When American author Mark Twain read a report in the New York Journal that he had died, Twain quickly sent off a letter-to-the-editor stating that the reports of his demise were exaggerated.

Well, the same could be said of the Thwaites ice shelf, located in the Western Antarctica. It has been the poster child and major fundraiser for the man-made Global Warming corporate machine for the past few years.

The ice shelf, that is reportedly the size of Florida, is supposedly on the verge of breaking off because of Global warming.

It’s been given the delightful name of the ‘Doomsday Glacier’ to remind the masses of the horrors of man-made Global warming that includes ocean levels rising and the washing away of coastal cities.

However, according to a study by the University of Michigan, the doomsday collapse of Thwaites may be slightly exaggerated. The study doesn’t expect a collapse any time soon. But does expect there may be some thinning of the ice.

But according to NASA, there is an unusual thing happening in the antarctic as the ice is actually thickening in parts, while thinning in other sections. When you add the increase and subtract the decrease, overall it antarctic ice is growing. READ: NASA Study: Mass Gains of Antarctic Ice Sheet Greater than Losses AND Antarctic sea ice is THICKER than first thought: Underwater robot makes the most detailed measurements of a polar cap ever

The global warming fundraising letters are quick to blame SUVs and man-made global warming for the ice decline, while ignoring the increase in other sections, perhaps a more reasonable explanation for the decrease would be the hundred or so volcanos beneath the antarctic that are starting to come alive. READ: Hidden Volcanoes Melt Antarctic Glaciers from Below AND Scientists discover 91 volcanoes below Antarctic ice sheet

I imagine heat that is able to turn rock and minerals into molten lava might be able to melt a bit of ice.

READ: ‘Doomsday Glacier’ may not catastrophically collapse after all, UMich study finds

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