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Study: Ivermectin seems to be an effective treatment for COVID

WARNING UPDATE: Though several studies suggest Ivermectin may be an effective treatment for COVID, there is increasing evidence that people are self-medicating with the drug, overdosing and poisoning themselves. This is a drug, and it should not be taken without a doctor’s prescription. READ: Kansas medical experts warn against rising self-use of ivermectin to treat COVID-19 AND CDC warns of increased Ivermectin overdoses

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According to an article in the Western Journal, another study is suggesting that ivermectin, a drug used to treat parasites, is effective in helping cure COVID.

Sheba Medical Center in Tel Hashomer, Israel, conducted the double-blind study involving 89 people who had tested positive for mild to moderate COVID. Non had been hospitalized for the virus.

Prior to treatment, all participants were tested for their viral load, and then tested every two days during the study period.

For three days, half the participants took an ivermectin pill and the other half a placebo, an hour before each meal.

It costs just $1 a day for the ivermectin treatment, total bill $3.

It was also a double-blind study, meaning that no one, including both patients and the researchers, knew which person had received ivermectin.

The study found:

  • Within six days, 72% of the people who used ivermectin tested negative for the virus, compare to only 50% in the placebo group.
  • After six days, only 13% of the people in the ivermectin group were still infectious, compared to 50% for the placebo group (over four times as many).

The researchers concluded there is evidence that Ivermectin has anti-viral element, and in an interview with the Jerusalem Post, Professor Eli Schwartz stated:

“It also shows that there is almost a 100% chance that a person will be noninfectious in four to six days, which could lead to shortening isolation time for these people. This could have a huge economic and social impact.”

READ: Top Israeli Professor Conducts Double-Blind Study That Seems to Confirm a Potential Antiviral Drug for COVID

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