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Watch: Fijian rugby team sings Christian hymn after winning Olympic Gold

Fijian Rugby Team sings Christian hymn after winning gold at 2021 Olympics
Credit: Twitter video capture/NBC Olympics

After winning gold in the final at this year’s Olympics where they defeated New Zealand 27-12, the players of the Fiji’s men’s ruby team gathered in a circle on the field and sang a favourite Christian hymn, as thanks to God.

In English:

We have overcome 
We have overcome 
By the Blood of the Lamb 
In the Word of the Lord 
We have overcome

Watch the Fijian team worshipping by clicking on the link below:

As LifeSite News reports, it is uncertain how many of the team’s members are Christians, but by the looks on their faces as they worshipped, it is obvious many are serious about their faith.

‘We always end with our prayers and songs and that song says that our God is a loving God.’

Fijian Olympic Rugby team captain, Jerry Tuwai

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And it is not even the first time this happened. The team did the same thing after the final game at the 2016 Olympics, where they also won gold:

And it is not just the Fijian Olympic rugby team that does this.

In February 2021, a league rugby team from Fiji, the Kaiviti Silktails, did a similar thing at a hotel in Sydney, where they had been quarantined for two weeks.

The team had travelled to Australia to play in a semi-professional rugby league.

Towards the end of their quarantine, the team went out onto the hotel’s balconies and sang a traditional Christian Fijian hymn, thanking the hotel staff for their treatment during their stay.

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