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Great Barrier Reef is growing back

Back in 2018, the mainstream media was putting out headline after headline that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef was dying because of man-made global warming. It was an environmental catastrophe, they screamed. READ: Global warming is killing the Great Barrier Reef, study says

Well, if that is true, I suspect global warming fundraisers will be extremely disappointed with the latest news. Apparently the world must be cooling, because according to the Australian Institute of Marine Science, the coral in the Great Barrier Reef is coming back, and at record speeds.

The Australian writes:

The Great Barrier Reef is showing signs of recovery with some of the best coral coverage recorded in years, according to a survey of the natural wonder conducted by the commonwealth’s chief independent marine science agency.

The Australian Institute of Marine Science assessment – which found “minimal impact” from last year’s coral bleaching and increases in hard coral across 85 per cent of the reefs surveyed year on year…

READ: Coral repair raises hopes for reef as heritage vote looms

In the last few hours The Great Barrier Reef barely escaped being labeled as "in danger" by a branch of the China-friendly-UN. Go ell us how climate change causes record coral growth?

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