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Speaking dangerously: ‘I am for Christ’

Credit: Timothy Eberly/unsplash.com

The phrase ‘I am for Christ’ is quickly becoming one of the more dangerous phrases a person can utter, no mater where you live.

According to an article on Morning Star News, uttering that phrase nearly cost Abudlawali Kijwalo, 39, his life.

Kijwalo lives in Uganda and was born into a Muslim family that was noted for is dedication to Islam by making annual pilgrimages to Mecca.

But Kijwalo had decided to convert to Christianity and was starting to listen to Gospel music. This angered the family and particularly his brother, Murishid, who repeatedly told Kijwalo to telling people he now believed in Jesus.

It took a violent turn, when Kijwalo and his brother were looking after the family’s cattle that were grazing in a nearby pasture. Murishid approached his brother and asked, “Are you still a Muslim, or you are now a Christian.”

Kijwalo simply replied:

“I am for Christ.”

As soon as he uttered those words, his brother pulled out a machete from beneath his robe and forcibly struck Kijwalo in the head, who immediately fell to the ground bleeding profusely,

Murishid walked away thinking his brother was dead.

Fortunately, one of the elders of the village saw the attack and quickly transported Kijwalo to a nearby hospital by motorcycle.

Kijwalo survived, but has since gone into hiding.

Though we have not reached the point where uttering the words “I am for Christ” results in death in the West, Christians are increasingly being discriminated against because of their faith.

I recently reported how the University of Iowa refused to register the Christian group, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, because it only allowed born again believers to lead its group. READ: Court rules against university that targeted Christian group, saying they were ‘hard-pressed’ to find a more blatant example of ‘discrimination’

There have been several court battles over the lockdowns during the COVID pandemic, after several left leaning governments discriminated against Christians. The state of Nevada, as an example, limited a church’s hour long services, held once a week, to 50 people, while allowing casinos to operate at 50% of capacity seven days a week, 24 hours a day. READ: Supreme Court says Nevada can impose tighter virus limits on churches than casinos

In Canada, a similar thing happened, when the federal government refused to allow Redeemer University, a Christian school, to participate in the government summer students work program because of the college’s stand on moral issues. READ: Judge slaps down Trudeau government for denying summer jobs grants to Christian university

Some argue that there is a difference between actual persecution, where you are killed or arrested for your faith, and being discriminated against because you stand for Christ.

And maybe they have a point.

But as these acts of discrimination in America increase, they are starting to be noticed by the pollsters.

In a survey conducted in 2020 by the University of Texas at Austin, 44% of respondents stated that they believe that there is “some” or “a lot” of discrimination taking place against Christians in America. READ: Discrimination against Christians (June 2020)

This rise may also be an indicator of changing attitudes towards Christians and a warning of what is to come.

Believers in the west are not used to this, and we need to start toughening up. In the Book of Revelation, the Apostle John saw a new type of believer emerging in the end times:

11 And they overcame him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony, and they did not love their life even when faced with death [lit. to the point of death]. (Revelation 12:11 NASV)

READ: Muslim Brother of Christian Attacks Him with Machete AND Christian man attacked by machete wielding brother who plotted to kill him for leaving Islam

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