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A ‘trigger warning’ on ‘trigger warning’?

Credit: Kenneth C. Zirkel/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 4.0

While student newspapers at Oxford University put actual trigger ratings on articles to warn the students of potential dangers lurking in the articles, there seems to be a much, much bigger issue brewing in the surreal world of wokeism. It appears that ‘trigger warnings’ are now triggering people because the term reminds people of guns.

According to The Blaze, Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts recently published a list of what it termed as “oppressive language” as a guide on what words should not be used on campus.

Included were words or phrases that were considered to be cultural appropriation and as well words that were considered violent and apparently “triggering” made the list because it reminded students of guns.

The Blaze provided a list of a few of the other words that should no longer be used on the fine campus of Brandeis University:

Oppressive: Crazy, Insane, Wild; Preferred: That’s bananas

Oppressive: Lame; Preferred: Uncool, disappointing

Oppressive: Tribe; Preferred: Friends, group, pals

Oppressive: Homeless person; Preferred: Person experiencing housing insecurity

Oppressive: Prostitute; Preferred: Person who engages in sex work

READ: ‘Trigger warning’ — coined to prop up woke students’ psyches — is on college’s ‘oppressive language list.’ Why? Because of its gun connotations. AND University demands people stop saying ‘trigger warning’ because it’s too triggering

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