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Manitoba’s new math: 3 vaccines = 2

Manitoba’s handling of the COVID lockdowns have been little more than a gong show. In previous months, videos surfaced in the Canadian province of people going into stores and being allowed to buy goods on one side of the aisle and not allowed to buy items on the other side that were covered over with sheets.

Apparently, the other side was a cesspool of COVID viruses.

They were fining churches and people who were sitting in their cars in church parking lots as services were broadcast over short wave.

Apparently, cars can catch the virus.

Meanwhile, it has one of the worst vaccination rates in the country, and now people are concerned that the government and health bureaucracy may require people to get three COVID vaccinations in order for them to have two.

It seems the government’s mismanagement has reached new levels, as some who were preparing to get their second shot of the COVID vaccine are now being told that the government has no record of them getting their first.

Apparently, the government has mislaid their records, and many are now stating they may be forced to be vaccinated three times.

From Global News:

Some Manitobans say they’re considering getting a third COVID-19 vaccination because the province has “lost” their immunization records.

Giancarlo Marques de Moraes says he got his first immunization in Manitoba at the RBC Convention Centre supersite on May 10.

He now qualifies for a second dose, but according to the online records at Shared Health, he hasn’t received the first one.

READ: Manitobans grapple with ‘lost’ immunization records

According to reports, Manitoba’s health lines are overwhelmed with queries.

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