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Did you hear about the virus leak in the Soviet Union?

There are a few diehards that are still telling themselves that COVID didn’t leak out of the Wuhan Institute of Virology, but most who were adamant it didn’t in 2020, are now coming to their senses in 2021 stating that it most likely did.

For the record, this is not the first time a virus leaked out of a supposedly safe virology lab. There was a similar leak in the Soviet Union back in 1979, but because of a cover-up by Communist authorities, it took ten years for the truth to be confirmed.

Everyone suspected there was a leak, but similar to what happened recently in Communist China, American scientists were obsessed with defending their Russian comrades.

The New York Times provides details:

YEKATERINBURG, Russia — Patients with unexplained pneumonias started showing up at hospitals; within days, dozens were dead. The secret police seized doctors’ records and ordered them to keep silent. American spies picked up clues about a lab leak, but the local authorities had a more mundane explanation: contaminated meat.

It took more than a decade for the truth to come out.

In April and May 1979, at least 66 people died after airborne anthrax bacteria emerged from a military lab in the Soviet Union. But leading American scientists voiced confidence in the Soviets’ claim that the pathogen had jumped from animals to humans. Only after a full-fledged investigation in the 1990s did one of those scientists confirm the earlier suspicions: The accident in what is now the Russian Urals city of Yekaterinburg was a lab leak, one of the deadliest ever documented.

READ: Soviets Once Denied a Deadly Anthrax Lab Leak. U.S. Scientists Backed the Story.

Ironically, like the Soviet Union did in 1979, the Chinese Communist Party also blamed contaminated meat and then said the virus jumped from animals to human. READ: China suggests COVID-19 arrived in Wuhan via frozen meat products including ‘Australian steak’

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