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Woman’s sign exposes cat thief

A sign put up on the fence of a home in Beaverton, Oregon is warning everyone there is a cat thief in the neighbourhood.

The colourful sign that reads, “My cat is a thief: Please take these items if they are yours”, includes a photo of a cat with a glove in her mouth.

It’s a photo of Esme, Kate Felmet’s cat, who has been prowling the neighbourhood and stealing items from people’s yards and bringing them home.

Esme routinely shows up a Felmet’s backdoor with an item in her mouth.

In response to this crime wave, Felmet has set up a lost and found area where people can check if anything goes missing.

Esme has reportedly stolen knee pads from a neighbour’s garage three times since her crime spree started in the summer of 2019.

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