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A Russian coincidence, I think not

The Kremlin is a fortified complex at the heart of Moscow. Located in the Red Square is serves as the residence for the Russian president, Vladimir Putin

In a lead up to a meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden this month, Reuters reports that Russia’s deputy foreign minister Sergei Ryabkov stated that the country will send some “uncomfortable” signals to the US.

In an interview with Russia RIA, Ryabkov said:

“The Americans must assume that a number of signals from Moscow … will be uncomfortable for them, including in the coming days.”

He was responding to suggestions that President Biden will push Putin on human rights. READ: Russia tells U.S. to expect ‘uncomfortable’ signals ahead of Putin-Biden summit

The warning was issued on May 31, and on June 1, a cyberattack by Russian hackers took down the computer system of JBS, ending production at nine of the company’s beef plants. JBS supplies 20% of the meat for the US.

The Russian hackers are allegedly demanding a ransom to unlock JBS computer systems that operate its plants. Some are not only predicting that beef shortages, but that prices could increase by 30% as a result.

READ: World’s largest meat supplier JBS shuts ALL of its US beef plants after Russian cyberattack: Government asks other producers to pick up slack to avoid meat shortages and 30% price hikes

A coincidence. I think not.

For the record, Russian hackers were also responsible for disrupting gas pipelines of Colonial Pipeline, causing major gas shortages along America’s east coast. READ: Fascinating details emerge about the Russian hackers who attacked a major US fuel pipeline

Many suspect with the election of Joe Biden as US president, several foreign adversaries are now sensing a weakness in the US.

RELATED: JBS hack latest escalation of Russia-based aggression ahead of June 16 Putin summit: experts

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